Climate Resilient Food Systems for all beyond 2030

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Climate Resilient Food Systems for all beyond 2030


This Climate-Resilient Food Systems alliance provides a framework for food systems transitions that deliver resilience to climate, shocks and stresses, protect biodiversity and ecosystems’ services, reduce poverty and enhance social, gender, equity and North-South & inter-generational justice. Food systems transitions to long term resilience require multi-sectoral and multi-systemic integrated solutions, innovative water and energy solutions implemented through a Nexus approach, multi-risk reduction and management and ambitious policies and platforms to support climate resilient food systems for all beyond 2030. This calls for strong partnerships and alliances with Member States (MS) and stakeholders, in particular related to innovation (social, technical, financial), to offer bold ideas for cooperative action to take systemic actions at scale. This Alliance will offer a space to follow-up the UNFSS at the national and international level, by supporting the integration of resilience in International and National Policy and Planning and Innovative Initiatives for Food Systems Resilience for all beyond 2030. The main thematic areas under this Alliance are:

  • Climate adaptation, mitigation, and resilience
    • Integrated Resilience: Restoration, increased biomass and biodiversity
    • Water-Food Energy Nexus | Modern/Clean cooking
  • Climate Risk Reduction and Risk Management.
  • Integrating resilience in international and national policies plans and initiatives.

This Alliance also aims to engage all regions and countries including high-risk and the the most vulnerable regions and countries:

  • Small Island Developing States (SIDS) /SIS
  • Arid and Semi-Arid Lands /Deserts (e.g., the Sahel)
  • Least Developed Countries.



Action Area(s)

Build Resilience to Vulnerabilities, Shocks, and Stresses



Key contact

WFP/WB/FAO/UNFCCC/UNDRR and others, Maria Cristina Tirado von der Pahlen, [email protected]


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