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Call to Action to Support the Coalition of Action 4 Soil Health

International Fertilizer Association, agri-food value chain

Soil health is not only at the foundation of our food systems and critical for the achievement of the SDGs, but soils function as major carbon reservoirs and water regulators, which makes them one of the most valuable resources to address climate change.
Recognizing the urgency for action and change, private sector representatives of the agri-food chain are committed to raise awareness about the central role of soils and elevate the global recognition of soil health among state and non-state actors to build increasing momentum and improve global adoption rates of better soil management. With the Call to Action (see attachment), they fully support the Coalition of Action 4 Soil Health (CA4SH), which has been initiated by the Action Track 3 Soil Hub and seek to galvanize and further enhance the specific food systems outcome-related activities and goals that are envisioned by the Coalition of Action 4 Soil Health and other existing soil health initiatives. The companies commit to defining a set of financial mechanisms and investment solutions, proposing and implementing actionable roadmaps and concrete tools that empower farmers, and advancing public-private soil-health stewardship programs, technology, and data measurements.


Private sector

Action Area(s)

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



Key contact

Yvonne Harz-Pitre, International Fertilizer Association
[email protected]


soil health, climate change, coalition


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