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Asian Family Farmers for a Healthy People and Planet

Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development, Members of AFA at country level

In our world where the hungry and poor, and where those much affected by the vagaries of the climate, and where the most neglected and left behind are amongst the constituency of family farmers, and where the most degraded lands are amongst where we live; we are committed to contributing to healthy people and a healthy planet while bringing back the dignity for family farmers.

AFA was formed in 2002, and its vision has always been for just, free, peaceful, healthy, economically viable, sustainable, and resilient family farming communities in Asia. And a key peasant agenda is the promotion of sustainable, resilient, agroecological systems and practices in farms, livestock, fisheries, and forests.

We commit to promoting secured rights of family farmers over their natural resources – lands, waters, forests, and seeds; to promoting sustainable, climate-resilient, integrated, diversified, organic, agroecological farming systems and practices in farms, fisheries, and forests; in strengthening the cooperatives and enterprises of family farmers; in empowering the Agency of women, men and young farmers.

Our vision is to have bio-diverse, agroecological farms, fisheries, and forests in Asia, leading to improved living conditions of family farmers, with the Agency of family farmers empowered to be at the heart and center of the action. Till 2025, we target at least a 50% increase of members adopting agroecology. We are a member of the Coalition on Agroecology and Coalition to End Hunger, formed through the Food System process, and will join other Coalitions as appropriate.

We will work so that value chains become more inclusive, giving farmers more market power, through their cooperatives. We will help family farmers cooperatives to have good governance, viable businesses, to have full value chain services to their members. Cooperatives operate on the principle of volunteerism, participative democracy, wealth sharing, cooperation, and concern for others, and thus cooperatives are a very good exercise for leadership, accountability, responsiveness, and participation. We will organize and federate and network with other family farmers’ organizations and allies to achieve these commitments.

We will help form and strengthen national committees of family farming as well as help develop and implement regional and global action plans for the effective achievement of the ambitions of the United Nations Decade on Family Farming.


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