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Animal Agriculture Accepts Challenge to be a Climate Change Solution while Delivering Nutrition Needs

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Today we face converging, global challenges that directly and measurably impact the food we eat and the planet on which we live. According to the United Nations, the world has just nine years left to curb emissions or see irreversible damage to the planet. Meanwhile, a full 30% – 2.3 billion – of the world’s population lacks year-round access to adequate nutrition, leading to problems ranging from hunger and malnutrition to obesity. Many climate experts believe the world is at a pivotal point where the margin for error in addressing global climate change and hunger is next to zero. We each are committed to meeting the increased demand for meat, milk, fish, and eggs in ways that benefit the environment, human health and nutrition, animal welfare, and food affordability.

Animals can be a critical, fast-moving solution to positively impact global climate warming. Both methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) are greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, but as a short-lived flow gas, methane presents an opportunity for a positive impact. If livestock producers can curb methane emissions by just one-third, we can slow the overall rate of warming, creating a cooling effect, achieving climate-neutral meat and milk, and allowing the world more time to address the more complex and long-term CO2 impacts.

While everyone has a role to play, animal agriculture is uniquely positioned to make a positive impact. Change is already happening. We’re collaborating with experts, NGOs, and others to reduce emissions, continuously looking for new innovation, and modernizing farming practices to create more food with fewer resources.

We accept the challenge to nourish the world in a way that combats hunger, malnutrition, and obesity, while also combatting climate change. Animals and the protein they produce are critical in solving these challenges. We will work to accelerate the progress we have made in the transformation to more sustainable protein production because nutrition and climate are not exclusive but inextricably connected. We request a seat at the global table helping to solve these problems and spur actions to accelerate progress in collaboration with policymakers, not each working in isolation.


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Jesse Sevcik, Elanco Animal Health
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