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A Global Coalition for Digital Food Systems

Federico Ronca, Mercy Corps, Consumers International, World Bank, FAO, CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture, John Hopkins University, Google, World Economic Forum, 50x2030, GEOGLAM, X Moonshot factory, Digital Green, Kenya ATO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Pinduoduo, AI4AI

The Innovation Lever – Data & Digital Working Group will build on the momentum of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) and put its shared vision into practice through a Global Coalition of public, private, and non-profit organizations committed to responsible digital innovation in food systems. The Global Coalition will ensure data and digital technologies are used to their fullest potential to drive public good climate, biodiversity, nutrition, and development outcomes through food systems transformation.

The Why:

We believe data and digital innovations are fundamental to transforming the food system into a future state that is universally accessible, sustainable, and resilient.
The global food system intersects with multiple challenges facing humanity including climate change, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, nutritional insecurity, and social inequities.
To address these challenges effectively, we believe that we must overcome fragmentation within and across sectors to act in a transdisciplinary fashion, bringing together the natural and social sciences with data and technology to drive food systems towards more favorable potential futures for humanity and the planet. It is a matter of urgency.

The How:

We agree to the following principles for data and digital innovation in the service of food systems transformation.

  1. Build an inclusive digital revolution: We recognize inequities in access and use of data and digital innovations and we strive to understand and design for human needs, fostering solutions and partnerships that reflect the diversity and complexity of food systems.
  2. Foster data agency and responsible sharing: We support the agency of data owners to share data, at all levels across the system while supporting the responsible use of data to unlock broader insights and drive accountability to sustainability goals.
  3. Be force multipliers: We seek to collaborate across sectors, disciplines, and alliances, supporting a diversity of data and digital solutions to address the needs of the many food systems in the world.
  4. Iterate and share learnings: We are biased towards action; we share data, evidence, and knowledge as we iterate to come to the best solutions.
  5. Innovate responsibly: We are stewards of data and technologies that may impact billions of people. We commit and recommit regularly to ethical action, agile governance, and collaborative learning.



Action Area(s)

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Key contact

M, Mercy Corps, Consumers International, World Bank, FAO, CGIAR, John Hopkins University, Google, World Economic Forum
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