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1000 Landscapes for One Billion People initiative

EcoAgriculture Partners, endorsed by Steering Committee of 1000L, composed of a) Common land, b) Conservation International, c) EcoAgriculture Partners, d) Landscape Finance Lab, e) Rainforest Alliance, f) Tech Matters, g) United Nations Development Programme

The 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative (1000L) is an expanding coalition of partners to enable multi-stakeholder Landscape Partnerships (LP) worldwide to realize their collective visions for thriving landscapes. Launched in 2019, 1000L will do this through more effective tools, training, finance, and connections.

1000L will enable and empower LPs to transform their local food systems, including nature-positive production, access to safe and nutritious food for all; sustainable consumption patterns; equitable livelihoods; and resilience to climate change and other vulnerabilities, shocks, and stress. Strong LPs can facilitate the adoption of other UNFSS Solutions and Coalitions. This approach is summarized in solution proposition 3.2.1 Strengthening Landscape Partnerships. LPs may be territories, city regions, or operate across jurisdictions around watersheds, biological corridors, or green growth corridors. Strong LPs engage diverse partners; facilitate a shared understanding of their landscape; develop a landscape vision, action plans, and investment portfolios that enable financing to flow at scale to locally owned landscape transformation.

Governments and financial institutions can meet their priorities and commitments by working with these LPs. Integrated landscape management (ILM) was endorsed by the UNFSS Action Track on Nature-Positive Production, and previously by the UNFCCC, UNCCD, UNCBD, HLPF of SDGs, UN-Habitat, and UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration.

1000L will help LPs succeed through four interconnected services that are being developed, tested, and organized for global scaling:

  1. Terraso Digital Landscape Platform: Mobile-first tools to drive results.
    Through comprehensive, open-source, and easy-to-use software and data tools, Terraso will support LPs by making their actions more effective- better, faster, and more inclusive. Terraso will provide locally adaptable tools that reduce the time and cost needed to plan, develop and fund investable landscape projects.
  2. Global Action Network: Sharing knowledge and building connections.
    Powered by Terraso, the Network will enhance knowledge-sharing among Landscape Partnership leaders online and through in-person dialogue; build alliances to influence policy; and link partnerships effectively with business, government, funders, researchers, and expert technical services.
  3. Landscape Capacity Development: Mainstreaming landscape thinking and skills. User-centered tools and curricula to build the capabilities of Landscape Partnerships will be developed and then delivered through existing learning networks and training institutes and Terraso.
  4. Landscape Finance Solutions: Shifting financial flows
    Different kinds of financial institutions – government, philanthropic, civic, and private- will shift financial flows towards investment in sustainable landscapes. Innovative, scalable finance models will be developed for landscape investments.


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