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100 Million Farmers

This platform seeks to reach 100 million farmers by 2030 with nature-positive innovation through a multi-stakeholder platform to increase investment in innovation for nature-positive production and action at the country-level.

The 100 Million Farmers Platform has three objectives:

  • Amplifying an aligned narrative – Advance a shared narrative whereby food systems are included as a necessary solution for climate change and biodiversity loss
  • Accelerating action – Activate systems change by enabling 100 million farmers to embark on the transition and empowering 1 billion consumers
  • Catalyzing ambition – Drive collective action towards the delivery of net-zero, nature-positive commitments

Innovation is the central tenant of the platform:

  • Accelerating the pace and scale of farmer-centered ecosystems for net-zero, nature-positive knowledge and technology access and adoption
  • Empowering entrepreneurs to ensure a pipeline of nature-positive innovation aligned with strategic prioritization of national priorities
  • Unleashing finance and addressing finance-data lock-ins.

The effort is multi-stakeholder. The platform will not only seek to build new coalitions but will also create synergies and build on previous knowledge by collaborating with existing efforts to drive greater impact and scale (e.g. the Global Soils Hub and others).



Action Area(s)

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Key contact

Lisa Sweet, World Economic Forum
[email protected]




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