Commitments to action

Building Psychosocial Capacity, Mental Health & Wellness, and Resilience in Response to Shocks and Stress

LEAD Center for PAJS (Public policy, Advocacy, Justice & Social change)

Designing and launching intersectional and multidisciplinary-focused interventions at the family, community, national, and regional levels in the Caribbean region with a focus on key stakeholders and non-traditional sector actors such as females, our youth, and the differently-abled. Skills and capacity building in key resilience domains such as emotional regulation, emotional intelligence, social network construction and maintenance, work-life balancing, effective agency, remedial learning and interventions, and personal & social change are among the domains being targeted.


Civil society
Private sector
Member state(s)

Action Area(s)

Build Resilience to Vulnerabilities, Shocks, and Stresses



Key contact

Advocacy; Psychosocial Health & Wellness and Resiliency; Sustainable Development; Coaching, Education, Training & Outreach; Institutional Strengthening, Good Governance; Capacity Building; Social Research & Development, LEAD Center for PAJS (Public policy, Advocacy, Justice & Social change)
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Psycho-social health & wellness
Sustainable family & youth development
Personal, community, and national resilience



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