Commitments to action

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production

Roman Forum & PECDI, Peoples Commission

Food security can be assured and enhanced if renewable natural resources are ensured and holistically managed.

Focus inter-alia on Land, water, soil, trees, grasslands….


Civil society

Action Area(s)

Nourish All People
Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



Key contact

Maharaj Muthoo, Roman Forum & PECDI
[email protected]


Food security
Landscape & watershed management
Nature-based support & poverty elimination




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To halve food waste by 2030 and to reduce food losses by at least 25%.
• To create more sustainable and resilient food systems that seek to ensure food loss and waste are minimized.
• To build and strengthen collaboration throughout food systems, between member states and organisations to ensure learning and sharing of best practice.
• To promote investment in food loss and waste reduction.

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Halting Deforestation & Conversion from Agricultural Commodities

The aim of the coalition is to bring together a broad group of producer and consumer countries, companies, and international organizations committed to working together to deliver deforestation- and conversion-free food supply chains as part of a new model of agricultural production that optimizes food production enhance rural livelihoods, and protects and restores the natural environment.

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Pathways to Dairy Net Zero

Pathways to Dairy Net Zero is a global, multi-stakeholder engagement aiming to develop pathways towards low-carbon dairy systems while considering the diversity of dairy systems globally, their contributions to food and nutrition security, and to livelihoods and economies around the world.

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Mountain Partnership

The Mountain Partnership is the only United Nations voluntary alliance of partners dedicated to promoting the world’s mountains and mountain peoples.

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