Commitments to action

B4ICA: Banking for Impact on Climate in Agriculture

Rabobank, Wageningen University & Research Centre, WBCSD, Wageningen University & Research Centre, Rabobank, WBCSD, Blond Consultants, UNEP FI, FAO

The agriculture sector is faced with larger data gaps and more complexities around the estimation of emissions and decarbonization pathways than any other sector, which makes the measurement and disclosure of the greenhouse gas emissions of banking portfolios in this sector particularly challenging. Against this background, this Initiative aims to convene and facilitate a coalition of banks and relevant experts and academics   to develop and align consistent methods, targets, harmonized tools and guidance for finance institutions to assess and disclose on the alignment of their portfolios with various climate scenarios as well as to engage with clients on mitigation options.


Civil society
Private sector
Producer organizations

Action Area(s)

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



Key contact

Alexandra Dumitru, Rabobank, Wageningen University & Research Centre, WBCSD
[email protected]






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Agroecology & Regenerative Ag

The United Republic of Tanzania will continue to respond to the growing concern of the negative impacts of climate change and climate variability on the country’s social, economic, and physical environment.

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Unite Food Program

Unite The World With Africa Foundation in America is funding the build-out of the women’s owned social enterprise in Tanzania called The Unite Food Program (UFP). The mission is to empower small-scale farmers in Tanzania by purchasing their organic grains at fair-market prices and then processing the organic grains at the Unite Food Program headquarters to sell to the masses, again at fair-market prices

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The AGRI3 Fund

The AGRI3 fund is the result of a partnership between UN Environment Programme, The Dutch Development Bank (FMO), IDH: The Sustainable Trade Initiative and the Rabobank Group.

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Building Sustainable Agriculture for the Farming Communities!

In the context of the coalition for food system transformation through agroecology the Cambodian Farmer Federation Association of Agricultural Producers (CFAP) has strengthened network amongst members’ organizations and non-members’ organizations in Cambodia aimed to promote agroecology to have better understanding, thus to enable farmers live the communities to get access to knowledge to improve agricultural production as well as to improve the living conditions of rural people to live with dignity, better livelihoods, avoid from threatening to lives instead they can contribute to reach the goal by 2030.

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