Action Area 5.2 Universal Food Access to build resilience


Action Area 5.2 Universal Food Access to build resilience

Enacting food as a public good as the game-changing narrative shift by guaranteeing that food reaches everyone, either by market mechanisms, public provision or civic collective actions for food. A proposal to be included in the UNSG “Statement of Action”. Reframing food differently as public good, human right and common good (not only as a commodity). An inspirational and aspirational proposal to secure that no one will go hungry in a world of plenty to be materialized in 2021-2030. Food as absolute need: We produce enough food for all, private-public-civic provision systems shall be combined differently, mirroring “Universal Health Coverage” and “Education for All” schemes. Market mechanisms alone cannot secure enough adequate food for all. We shall guarantee that food reaches everyone, either by market mechanisms, public provision or civic collective actions for food. Components are: a) Nutrition-sensitive Safety Nets, b) Employment-Generation Schemes, c) School Feeding, d) Shock-responsive Social Protection, e) Targeted public procurement for food, f) Food reserves and storage capacity, g) Food banks as public network.

Focal Points: Elizabeth Kimani-Murage, Lina Mahy and Arvind Solheim.

Game Changing Propositions

5.2 Strategic Food Reserves To Smooth Consumption Shocks: Building resilience in shock-prone areas to stabilize prices, build safety nets for temporary assistance to affected communities, and/or boost national social protection systems.

5.13 Use of international agreements previously negotiated in the committee of World Food Security: Promote at national, regional and global level the use, adoption and adaptation of the CFS negotiated policy convergence products which all reflect the AT 5 approach (what, how), but in particular its latest product, the CFS Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises adopted by consensus in 2015 [CFS-FFA].

5.17 Institutional demand driven transformation – leveraging local procurement for systemic value chain change: Local and public procurement schemes specifically targeting smallholder farmers and small and micro/small/medium-sized enterprises to purchase food with specific characteristics (i.e. locally produced, produced by women’s or youth cooperatives, organic, seasonal).

5.18 Universal food access: enacting food as a public good:Valuing food, not as a commodity, but as a public good and human right based on the absolute essentialness of food to every human every day. Applying the same rationality that we use with health and education to food. Inspired by the “Universal Health Coverage” and “Education for All” schemes, the “Universal Food Access” is a policy innovation, grounded in a game-changing framing of food as a public good and a vital resource, whereby everybody would be entitled to get a minimum access to adequate food every day, regardless his/her purchasing power and guaranteed through different public, private and collective means.

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    In addition to the survey responses that you can submit for this Action Area, share your thoughts and comments here publicly to continue the dialogue on these Game Changing Propositions.

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