Action Area 2.2 Slashing food loss and waste and transitioning to a circular economy


Action Area 2.2 Slashing food loss and waste and transitioning to a circular economy

This action area will develop initiatives that will engage and incentivize countries, businesses and citizens to play their part and collaborate to drive out/down food loss and waste. This will include adoption of the target, measure, act approach throughout the entire supply chain, citizen behaviour change initiatives and increasing the focus on making the food system more circular e.g. through upcycling and development of alternative uses that make the best use of any inedible parts or wasted food.

Focal Points: Liz Goodwin and Yolanda Kakabadse.

Game Changing Propositions

2.11 Food Is Never Waste: Interventions to deliver more circular food systems
The proposition includes mandatory segregation of food waste, incentives for food donation, mandatory measurement of food waste by businesses, taxing or banning landfill and incineration of food waste, and foodstock for added value products.

2.12 15x50x30: 150 countries launch national public-private partnerships and campaigns to reduce their food loss and waste by 50% by 2030
The proposition scales up the proven national public-private partnership approach to reducing food loss and waste. Each partnership would develop a national strategy for FLW reduction, launch public awareness campaigns, use the “Target-Measure-Act” approach for food companies, connect finance with solutions providers, and monitor progress.

2.13 Activate the Activists Network empowered to drive culturally relevant behaviour change
The proposition includes supporting activists with a toolbox of tried and tested approaches to consumer behaviour change. The activist network would collaborate and leverage social media to share best practice and celebrate success and progress. The end goal of the proposition being to shifting social norms so it is no longer culturally acceptable to waste food.

2.14 Reduce Global Food Loss – Investing $1 trillion to reduce global food loss of high-impact commodities by 2025
The proposition takes a multi-faceted approach to reducing on-farm and post-harvest losses, including: global investment mechanisms to improve cold chains, farm technology, knowledge and loss reduction solutions; scaling pilot projects; establishing real-time commodity loss measurement and country-level diagnostic information network.

3.13 Reducing on-farm and post-harvest food loss
Reduce of on-farm and post-harvest losses for critical global commodities (both perishable and non-perishable).

5.14 Harvest-Tenure Rights Provided By Mobile Grain Storages To Reduce Post-Harvest Losses In Sub-Saharan Africa
An Integrated Approach for Post-Harvest Loss is an “existing solution” that can be brought to scale.
The solution is a package of (1) provision of knowledge to smallholder farmers and other food system actors, (2) behaviour change communication to encourage the adoption of improved practices, and (3) sustainable business/government models to improve access to technologies and equipment for handling and storage. Supportive national agricultural policy frameworks are key elements of the enabling environment may be included in the approach.

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