Action Area 1.3 Make Food Safer


Action Area 1.3 Make Food Safer

This Action Area aims to ensure that all people at all times have access to safe food products. By making food safe, and thereby reduce the burden of Food-Borne Diseases, people are enabled to be nourished and healthy. The Action Area focuses on Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

Focal Points: Delia Grace and Pawan Agarwa.

Game Changing Propositions Wave 1

1.17 Develop a new global food safety index that will be validated, improved, and developed into a standalone index to be updated annually and will motivate and measure progress in improving food safety.

1.18 Develop a Global Alliance on Safe Food for All: an action-oriented, member-driven, collaborative platform for cooperation (among governments, bilateral and multilateral organisations, food businesses and other stakeholders) that will design and apply food safety solutions which are ‘fit for purpose’ in the domestic markets of LMICs.

1.19 Assemble and launch a Food Safety Toolkit which would comprehensively address food safety improvement, focusing on informal markets in LMICs, through a suite of information, training material, assessment guides, monitoring and evaluation guides, intervention options, incentives, communication, and engagement material.

Game Changing Propositions Wave 2

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    In addition to the survey responses that you can submit for this Action Area, share your thoughts and comments here publicly to continue the dialogue on these Game Changing Propositions.

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