Action Area 1.2 Improve access to nutritious foods


Action Area 1.2 Improve access to nutritious foods

Improve Access to Nutritious Foods: This Action Area aims to improve the access of nutritious foods in terms of affordability, availability and convenience, with the aim to reduce all forms of malnutrition and the incidence of non-communicable disease enabling all people to be nourished and healthy. The problem of the perceived affordability and aspirational character of unhealthy foods, and the effects of these on the perceived value of nutritious foods, is also considered.

Focal Points: Corinna Hawkes and Namokolo Covic.

Game Changing Propositions Wave 1

1.06 Launch a multi-stakeholder effort to widely implement highly integrated, sustainable cold chains, with an emphasis on the ‘Community Cool Hub’ model, which designs cooling systems based on a broad set of community needs, aggregates cooling demand to reduce overall demand, creates system efficiencies, and bundles multiple revenues streams.

1.07 Create a new public-private partnership mechanism to provide the investment and operational capacity needed to improve infrastructure and thus reduce costs and risks faced by small-scale nutritious food producers and value chain entrepreneurs; risks could be reduced further by linking this effort to public food procurement for institutional markets.

1.10 Promote women-led enterprises to grow and sell nutritious but neglected crops through community-level leadership programmes for innovators, small-scale women-led enterprises with an explicit nutrition-related purpose, and nature-friendly food production.

1.11 Make social protection programmes more nutrition sensitive by augmenting and adapting existing programmes to enable nutritionally vulnerable households to afford and access a healthier diet, provide essential nutrition-related services to vulnerable groups, and stimulate food systems to supply more nutritious foods.

1.13 Create a global virtual nutritious food innovation hub for SMEs: a virtual, global hub that, by providing SMEs with resources, tools, and support (linking to physical labs and resources as needed), will dramatically accelerate and transform how they pilot, launch, and scale convenient, easy-to-prepare nutritious foods.

1.15 End Anaemia Alliance that brings together science, policy, and programmes across the food and health sectors (including sexual and reproductive health, child and adolescent health, infectious diseases, and haematology) to fix the long-intractable problem of anaemia prevention and control.

1.21 Develop new standards and legal frameworks to drive private-sector change and hold food systems companies accountable for their social and environmental impact, leading to a fundamental shift in the economic and food systems to be more inclusive, equitable, transparent, regenerative, and health-supporting.

Game Changing Propositions Wave 2

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    In addition to the survey responses that you can submit for this Action Area, share your thoughts and comments here publicly to continue the dialogue on these Game Changing Propositions.

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