Action Area 1.1 Promote Food Security and Reduce Hunger​


Action Area 1.1 Promote Food Security and Reduce Hunger​

This Action Area focuses on reducing hunger and promoting and improving food security, by ensuring that all people at all times have access to sufficient quantities of food. Focuses of this Action Area include raising smallholder farmer productivity sustainably in various ways, empowering youth in agriculture and smallholder farmers and reducing in equities in access to food.

Focal Points: Natalia Strigin, Sam Benin and Rattan Lal.

Game Changing Propositions Wave 1

1.01 Establish a cross-Action Track “2030 End Hunger Fund” that channels private-sector resources (likely a percentage of profits for the participating corporations plus a matching mechanism for donors and governments) to investments to end hunger by 2030.

1.02 Build new public-private partnerships that incentivise and enable precision agriculture companies to ensure access for low-income, smallholder farmers (men and women), enabling them to improve production quantity, quality and increase incomes.

1.03 Scale-up social protection programmes to be merged with: 5.3 Nutrition Sensitive Social Protection Schemes (particularly cash transfers) by expanding their reach, enhancing financing, improving delivery capabilities, and making systems more adaptive to crises.

1.04 Launch a multi-donor-funded financing facility for SMEs to provide catalytic capital to a range of actors and institutions investing in agri-food SMEs or supporting their capacity to develop viable business models that contribute to positive impact in food systems (in terms of nutrition, sustainability, resilience, and equity).

1.05 Clean Energy, which would combine available secondary data with new national-level analyses to identify and match synergies between the business case of energy companies interested in expanding clean electricity grids and food chain actors that could pay for energy costs, if given access to it, by growing their businesses.

3.17 Delivering healthier diets and restoring land through tree-based food production. Incorporate food trees with complementary crops into degraded landscapes to produce more nutrient-rich foods, restore degraded soils, and contribute to climate change mitigation.

1.16 Scale up biofortified crops, creating a sustainable market through verified sourcing areas, volume guarantee schemes, and publicly available standards.

Game Changing Propositions Wave 2

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    Samuel Stacey

    In addition to the survey responses that you can submit for this Action Area, share your thoughts and comments here publicly to continue the dialogue on these Game Changing Propositions.

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  • Akatwijuka

    May 28, 2021 at 9:56 pm


    Investment is needed in Organic fertilizers because inorganic Fertilisers destroy soils by killing soil living organisms, destroy water, air and biodiversity in the long run.

    Inorganic Fertilisers also contribute to green house gas emissions

    Plastics also negatively affect crop production and we also need to look into that.

  • Saiha

    June 8, 2021 at 6:10 am

    This article reveal some key points towards increasing food security.

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