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A Call for Integrating the Role of Food Science and Technology in Sustainable Food Systems

Online FST community, under the guidance of the HFST (Humanitarian Food Science and Technology) international group, International collaborative and open-access initiative

Although Food Science and Technology (FST) plays a key role in sustainable food systems, particularly in post-harvest operations, its role has not been fully recognised by many actors. Therefore, a collaborative, cross-cutting online group has been set up under the guidance of the international Humanitarian Food Science and Technology (HFST) group, with the following objectives:

  • Raising and increasing awareness among the Food Systems Summit 2021 decision-makers and stakeholders about the role that the FST community should and is ready to play
  • Collating past and current evidence-based experiences, and collaborating in designing and assessing new ones that demonstrate the positive impact that FST may have on sustainable food systems
  • Helping disseminate these experiences through education and transformative changes that more specifically addresses future generations

As a first step, this group posted an online statement for endorsement at on “Including the specific role of Food Science and Technology in the Food Systems Summit agenda”. As of 20/09/2021, more than 500 people from 65 countries had signed this statement.


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Jay Sellahewa, Online FST community, under the guidance of the HFST (Humanitarian Food Science and Technology) international group
[email protected]


FST (Food Science and Technology)
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